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Little mix + hair flicks in music videos



Yet another great twitter convo


when someone on tumblr calls you by your real name



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I AM A STRONG INDEPENDENT awkward teenage girl who sorta needs a man but can’t really get one 

OH YEAH WOW and One Direction



Hi all,

So it seems that (almost) everyone is agreed. The most recent One Direction video is a bit of a fail… A bit of an epic fail. Both Nat and I were left largely confused by the video. Nat’s reaction was so extreme she even took the time to commit it to video.

But it goes further than that. When I first saw the video I was struck by how closely it resembled another brilliant video clip I had seen some time ago.

Well, in my opinion, it’s not just a resemblance. It’s plagiarism.

The attached article expresses it best, but I think this is the kind of thing which should be called out. The fandom, when it acts a whole, is actually very powerful. I think sometimes it’s forgotten that this group of people are actually in control of what happens with One Direction.

I don’t think hating on Ben Winston, or his production company, is the right thing to do, but I do think expressing your (mine and our too) serious concerns about the marketing direction that the One Direction brand has taken is both valid and necessary.

You have a voice. Use it.

-Tim (and Nat) :)

I spoke a little about how this reverse stromotion effect had been lifted directly from Clubfeet’s music video when You & I came out, but I’m sort of glad that Oh Yeah Wow is aware of it now, even if it means things are about to get awkward.

I mean, there’s making use of emerging technologies and then there’s using that technology to duplicate existing work and copy specific events, like say, the crate jump.


i cant believe the you and i video was plagiarized like if ben winston was gonna steal an idea then he should have at least stolen a good one 


i got 20/20 but i still can’t see my haters


Cincinnati, June 18, 2013 x

Niall + music videos


the music video for clubfeet’s everything you wanted, that was plagiarized by director ben winston for the one direction you and i music video 


imagine all the people who actually deserve Ben Winston’s job